Cabbage and Green Varai – 200g ( Serves 2 )


Stir-fried shredded white cabbage & coconut with turmeric & cumin

  • Allergy advice: Contains Mustard
    This product is made in facilities which handle nuts, mustard, sesame, peanut, egg, gluten, fish and crustaceans
  • Sold as cold.
  • Vegan


Heating Guidelines:  Heating appliances may vary.


  • Pierce film in several places.
  • Heat on full power for 2 Mins
  • Peel film and stir gently & re-cover
  • Reheat on full power for further 1 Min

Ensure food is piping hot. Allow to stand for 2 mins before serving.

Store below 8c, keep refrigerated and eat within 48 hours. Suitable for home freezing, once thawed do not refreeze. Follow the microwave guideline to reheat.

Warning: Steam may be released when removing the film cover.


Green Cabbage, White Cabbage, Onion, Coconut, Salt, Dried Chilli, Turmeric, Mustard, Cumin, Fennel, Curry Leaves, Rapeseed Oil


Cabbage & Green Varai or any types of Varai (Stir-Fry warm salad) is great as pairing with plain warm rice along with two or more of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries.

*Curries are served in 200g portion, three to four varieties of curries are recommended per person along with Sri Lankan tiffin, bread, and rice accompaniments.


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Weight .260 kg