Paal Appam (2 pieces) ( Serves 1 )

Bowl-shaped thin pancakes made from fermented rice & coconut milk.

  • Allergy advice: Contains Wheat(Gluten), Coconut Milk (Milk Protein)
    This product is made in facilities which handle nuts, mustard, sesame, peanut, egg, gluten, fish and crustaceans
  • Sold as cold.
  • Vegan


Heating Guidelines:  Heating appliances may vary.   

This product can be eaten cold or hot.

To Microwave

  • Remove from package.
  • Place it on a flat microwavable plate.
  • Heat on full power for 1 Mins

Store at below 8c. Suitable for home freezing, Once thawed do not refreeze


Rice flour, Coconut Milk, Yeast(wheat) Sugar, Salt, water.


The most popular breakfast dish throughout Sri Lanka, eaten with the selection of sambals.


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